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Loosing free my late night thoughts with sheer authenticity. A daydreamer, wanderlust, and aspiring UX designer.

My friend told me to “glow up” just because I was dark-skinned.

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I had a casual conversation with a good friend of mine about our fun childhood experiences. We never had problems conversating as we’re deeply connected, not only emotionally but also spiritually. We have that deep understanding of each other, so I never thought there would be a single opinion or preference that would cause us to clash and have my moral values crushed.

I was narrating to her my story about how I used to ride a bike every day during noon hours under the blazing heat, burning and darkening my skin, and that my skin never recovered from it…

It took me 4 “best friends” to realize this.

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Dogs are known to be man’s best friend. Their loyalty will never cease to amaze you. Once you win their heart, they will never leave you. To the introverts who prefer spending their time alone, a dog’s presence will be enough to keep you company. Despite being alone, they will make sure that you don’t feel lonely.

Although there is a communication barrier, they actually make great listeners. They may not understand your message fully, but the way they tilt their heads and their eyes focused on you will assure you that someone is listening and enjoying your storytelling.


The reason why I stopped writing in the meantime.

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Before I joined the Medium Partner Program, I wasn’t even signed up as a member. I am very meticulous about expenditures that I settled on the 3 stories per month reading limit. To me, it seemed to be enough to read only a few that pique my interest since I had Quora as an alternative platform for me to spend my past time reading.

I never had plans of signing up until I stumbled upon stories that talked about their success after quitting their 9–5. The way they were written reminded…

Wherever you look, whichever angle you face, you see your goal. Focus.

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This is ancient advice to anyone who’s wishing to reach their goals, but not everyone is reminded of it. So here I am, I’m advising you to do it.

Back when I was in college, I used to mope in my room, thinking how useless I was when I failed Chemical Engineering as it didn’t work quite well for me, so I opted for Computer Science, resulting in the delay of my graduation.

Social media was my mortal enemy, the main reason for losing my self-esteem. Witnessing most…

I woke up late. I thought I set the alarm, but why did it not go off?

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What is military time? Unlike the usual 12-hour system set on your devices, the military time is set to the 24-hour system, having 0 to 12 as the earlier half of the day and 13 to 24 as the succeeding part.

We are so used to verbally implying the time within the lower range of numbers, such as three o’clock or 4 o’clock than eleven hundred or fourteen thirty. The latter is pretty odd to hear and a tad bit confusing.

But why…

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Not everyone has a job during the pandemic, but I do, and I almost took it for granted.

The salary bracket issue

I work in a growing start-up tech company with a junior role. I reside in a suburban city in the Philippines, which makes my salary bracket fall within the provincial rate. Generally, the salary of Filipino employees, even for those in the Metropolitan area, is considerably low in comparison to our neighboring countries in Southeast Asia.

The low salary I’m speaking about ranges from ₱12,000 to ₱15,000 or $248 to $310 per month. Given that information, if you’re someone who lives in…

Loa Z. Gould

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